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Gas Insert Natural Vent Technology

Natural vent technology draws outside air for combustion into the firebox chamber then exhausts through a separate vent. Both vents are installed into your existing chimney.

Gas Insert Natural Vent Technology
1 Double steel wall construction
on five sides for optimum heat retention and efficiency

2 Glowing PHAZER® logs
for a realistic wood burning look

3 Dilution hood
helps eliminate down drafts

4 Gas flue outlet
exhausts combusted air

5 Efficient blower system
supplies heated air into the room

6 Radiant heat
radiates into the room, even when the blower is not on

7 High heat ceramic glass
for ultimate safety and heat transfer

8 Cool room air
is drawn in

9 Dual level stainless steel burner
for years of trouble free use

10 Variable speed fan
provides maximum comfort and efficiency to help circulate room air