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Direct Vent –
Power Venting System for Gas Fireplaces

Freedom and Versatility
Continental’s new power venting system allows more freedom and versatility for direct vent installations. The option of having the termination above or below the fireplace, along with the ability to “snake” either up or down, allows installation when the desired fireplace location is a great distance away from an outside wall. The blower that pulls the burned gases from the fireplace is mounted outside at the terminal which provides WHISPER QUIET™ operation inside the home.

Direct Venting System for a Gas Fireplace

1 Exhaust
Suitable for exhaust products with various vent diameters.

2 Adjustments
Adjustments inside fireplace only.

3 Durability
Installation friendly, maintenance free construction.

4 Versatility
Ability to “snake” either up, down or around objects (ie; behind stairways).

5 Simplicity
No hoses to blower.

6 Blower
Blower mounted outside at terminal with WHISPER QUIET™ operation.

7 Freedom
Terminates above or below the fi replace to allow more freedom and versatility for direct vent installations.