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Anatomy of a Clean Burning Fireplace

Anatomy of a Clean Burning Fireplace
1 Chimney
Combusted air exhausts out the chimney

2 Insulation

3 Exhaust Flow Prohibitor

4 PHAZER® Baffle

5 Secondary Air

6 Combustion Air To Firebox

7 Cast Iron Grate

8 Blower

9 Outside Combustion Air

10 Air Control Chamber

11 Single Lever Burn Control
A single aircontrol regulates the burn rate

12 Ash Pan With Lid

13 Cool Room Air

14 Log Retainer & Bottom Primary Air

15 Radiant Heat

16 Airwash

17 Convection Air

18 Insulated Flex Pipe
Available for the CZ26

19 Hot Air Gravity Vent Option
The optional hot air gravity vent system may be used to distribute heat to an adjoining room (located either above, or beside the room containing the fireplace) Available for the CZ26